【二週連続企画:第二夜】もう言葉だけじゃない! 世界に拡がる“イノベーション”の実践を考える 〜挑戦者たちのグローバル・ビジョン〜 / [2 Week Series: Part 2/2] We're no longer just talk! Innovation Practices that will spread the to the World ~ A Global Vision of Innovation ~


もう言葉だけじゃない! 世界に拡がる“イノベーション”の実践を考える
We're no longer just talk! Innovation Practices that will Spread to the World
[Part 2/2]: A Global Vision of Innovation




その点を踏まえつつ、 10月24日、31日のThursday Gatheringは二週に渡って、次世代のイノベーション・エコシステムに向けて、これまでの失敗・成功、気づき、課題などを、様々な観点から様々なイノベーター、サポーターが熱く語る二夜を開催します。

With the advancement of technology, progress has been made to create innovation(s) in categories such as "industry-academia collaboration”, “open innovation”, and “innovation ecosystem." Leading companies, universities, startups, government, VC's and individuals are striving to create innovation and we are no different and want to try to support that movement.

In fact, in June 2014, Toranomon Hills was born to be a pioneer of urban development, an international new city-center (global business center) that leads to the creation of global innovation, and to lead the Toranomon area in to its future. The Toranomon area is working on the acceleration and implementation of further innovation as an innovation hub that plays a role in the “Tokyo Innovation Ecosystem Formation Support Project” started by Tokyo in FY2019.

However, creating innovation is easier said than done. There is no true method to create innovation “that is right,” nor to build an innovation ecosystem, and each player is working rigorously, but at the same time there is no denying the bumps along the way.

In light of this, Thursday Gathering on October 24th and 31st will be divided into two weeks, with various viewpoints such as past failures / successes, awareness, and challenges toward the next generation of innovation ecosystem. Won't you please join us with fellow like minded individuals and groups and join in on our movement!

It's okay to Fail, as long as you Reflect upon it. Taking your next Action step.

October 31st, entitled “Global Vision of Innovation." We have gathered players who have experienced innovation across borders, and look to discuss with them their visions, or past failures & successes. Please come and collaborate with us.

(10月24日開催の第一夜はこちらから/ The first night on October 24th from here)

■当日のプログラム/ Programs

4:00pm 開場/ Doors open

4:30pm - 5:00pm
オープニング・リマーク/ Opening Remarks
Thursday Gatheringの楽しみ方 / Maximizing your experiences at Thursday Gathering

5:00pm - 6:00pm [English/ 英語](日本語自動翻訳あり)
What can we learn from Global startups to generate global-scale innovations? - イノベーションをグローバル規模で起こすには?
  • Richard BIGGS, APAC Ecosystem Lead Element AI
  • Mehdi MERAI, CEO at Dataperformers
  • Takuo URUSHIHARA, Director of Operations Venture Café Tokyo
6:00pm - 6:30pm [日本語/ Japanese]
GLOBAL VISION FOR WOMAN SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS - JWLI, CCJA & BOOT CAMP 創設者 および ボストンに於ける Fish Family 財団 の共同創設者 厚子・東光・フィッシュさんに訊く / GLOBAL VISION FOR WOMAN SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS Discussion with JWLI, CCJA & BOOTCAMP founder and co-founder of the Fish Family Foundation in Boston, Atsuko Toko and Fish

  • 厚子・東光・フィッシュ氏 フィッシュ・ファミリー財団 創設者・理事/JWLI ・CCJA・Bootcamp創設者
  • 那須 もえ氏 アクセンチュア 公共サービス・医療健康本部 マネジング・ディレクター
6:30pm - 8:00pm [日本語/ Japanese]
ボストンの女性リーダー研修が日本上陸!日本の地域社会をささえる女性リーダーたちの挑戦 / Challenges of women leaders supporting the Japanese community - As told by women pioneers from Boston
powered by JWLI Bootcamp (Japanese Women's Leadership Initiative)

  • 加藤 美奈子氏 春日井環境アレルギー対策センター 代表
  • 林 日奈氏 NPO 法人社会復帰支援アウトリーチ 代表理事
  • 伊藤 佐和氏 ジョンソン・エンド・ジョンソン日本法人グループ JAPAN COMMUNITY IMPACT マネジャー
  • 村島 弘子氏 特定非営利活動法人移動支援Rera 代表
  • 門間 尚子氏 せんだいこども食堂 共同代表
8:00pm - 9:00pm [日本語/ Japanese]
変化の時代に求められるグローバル企業/タレントとの向き合い方 / How to face global companies / talents required in an era of change

  • 児玉 太郎氏 Anchorstar 代表取締役
  • 井口 優太氏 ミリオンステップス 取締役COO
[Office Hours]
What is “Office Hours”?
起業家やイノベーターが何かを成し遂げるには、アイディアに対するフィードバックや税務・法務に関する情報提供など人的な支援が不可欠です。Office Hoursとは、そういった人的支援(メンタリング)を先輩起業家、アクセラレーター、投資家、弁護士、会計士等、各領域のプロフェッショナルから得ていただけるセッション(30分/スロット)です
“Office” Hours is free sessions of 30min for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to receive advice from experienced business professionals, entrepreneurs and investors.
[RSVP needed: Please click the URL below]

Office Hours申し込みはこちらから/ Apply for Office Hours from here: http://venturecafetokyo.org/office-hours/
プログラムの詳細はこちらから For more details about the programming of the day from here:
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